Solutions for Healthcare and Medical Financing

At CSA Capital, we offer healthcare financing options for a variety of medical organizations, including doctor’s offices, veterinary clinics and dental practices. Our flexible line of products can help your healthcare business reach all of its financial goals.

Financing Options

Some of our options for financing your medical practice include the following:

  • Practice acquisition financing – Qualified candidates are eligible for up to 100 percent financing.
  • Financing for necessary equipment – Get help paying for gear such as exam tables, software, computers or chairs.
  • Working capital loans – Use these loans for flexible spending on whatever you want or need.
  • Loans to help you improve your business – Use improvement financing for expansions, repairs and more.
  • Debt consolidation – Pay off multiple obligations with one affordable monthly payment and a competitive interest rate.
  • Leasing for medical equipment – Lease your equipment with up to 50 percent coverage for soft costs.

Do you need a loan and a lease for your medical equipment? With our flexible options, you are able secure both types of financing in order to better meet your organization’s professional goals.

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