Flexible Cash Advances That Work With You, Not Against You

A merchant cash advance from CSA Capital might be the solution to your small business’s most pressing financial matters. If you are having trouble securing a traditional loan due to monetary troubles, we have the advance options you need to help your business get back on its feet or boost its success.

Advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance

You will find that there are many benefits that come with securing a cash advance from CSA Capital. Some of the perks you will realize include the following:

  • You will typically receive your cash within seven days of being approved – and with little paperwork involved.
  • You can use a Discover, Visa, American Express or MasterCard credit card and we will still match your advances against your future credit card sales.
  • Perfect credit is not a requirement to be approved.
  • You can enjoy flexible payback with no fixed payment amounts.
  • We provide advances up to $200,000 for each business location that you run.
  • You can spend your money on whatever you want or need to – supplies, promotion and business improvements are just a few examples.
  • You will have no closing or applications fees, and will not lose equity. Collateral is also not required.

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