Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine financing is a robust solution designed for those situations when equity and debt-based financing individually aren’t the right fit for the size and scope of your project. At CSA Capital, we offer mezzanine financing, which is a hybrid of both equity and debt programs, that provides a powerful and versatile financing tool for your business, including any commercial real estate needs.

How Mezzanine Financing Works

Mezzanine financing is considered subordinated debt with an equity component. This gives mezzanine financing a much lower priority in the overall loan hierarchy. Mezzanine financing from CSA Capital is used for either business needs or commercial real estate investments such as acquisitions, construction, or other large projects. Our mezzanine financing program offers up to $500 million and can be repaid through the following methods:

  • Payable in Kind (PIK) interest
  • Cash interest
  • Equity stake to help guide the project to completion
  • Debt conversion feature to equity

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CSA Capital provides mezzanine financing structured around the evaluation of the business plan for your company or profitability of your commercial real estate project, which can both be arranged quickly and tailored to suit your needs. Contact our offices today to get the right funding for the size and scope of your next project.