The Commercial Real Estate Loan You Need

If your credit history is poor or you just can’t stand the mountains of paperwork involved when applying for a traditional loan, a stated income commercial real estate loan from CSA Capital may be just the thing that you and your business need to find or boost financial and professional success.


You can use a stated income loan in the following ways:

  • Making improvements to your commercial property
  • Building your working capital
  • Purchasing new commercial property
  • Consolidating debt with high interest rates
  • Refinancing property

Since there are so many flexible options for how you can use this type of commercial real estate loan, and you only have to have a credit score of 600 to qualify in most cases, you have a lot to gain by choosing to apply today.


Besides the flexible uses listed above, you can realize the following advantages from securing a stated income commercial real estate loan from CSA Capital:

  • You can apply no matter what type of business you run or what industry it is in.
  • Our 25-year amortized loans have fixed rates.
  • Loans of up to $500,000 are available depending on various factors.
  • We offer LTV up to 75 percent for some property types – this may vary based on your credit score.
  • We provide you with a quick application process that involves minimal paperwork.


While a stated income loan is more flexible on requirements than a traditional loan, there are a few standards that must be met to receive approval:

  • The borrower must provide self-employment documents or a W-2.
  • The borrower’s credit score must be at least 600.
  • The real estate value must cover the taxes, insurance and mortgage of the loan.

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