Be a Part of the CSA Capital Team

Whether you’d like to become a CSA Capital salesperson or get involved in our referral and broker program, we encourage you to learn more about becoming a member of our team.

See If You Have What It Takes To Be a CSA Capital Salesperson

There are a number of qualities that we want our salespeople to demonstrate to our customers. Examples of these qualities include the following:

  • Friendly: People enjoy spending time with you because of your outgoing personality
  • Confident: You handle rejection well due to your strong belief in your own abilities
  • Motivated: You accomplish responsibilities and tasks without prompting thanks to your inner drive
  • Funny: You solidify client relationships through humor
  • Organized: You do not get sidetracked while guiding clients through the sales process

Reap the Benefits of Being on Our Sales Team

CSA Capital offers a number of advantages to our sales staff:

  • Commitment to enriching your career and your future
  • Recognition of your dedicated hard work with excellent commissions
  • Opportunity to work with a team of talented and skilled professionals.
  • Funding of loans with a quick turnaround time due to versatile lending capabilities and resources

Referral and Broker Program

You don’t have to become a CSA Capital employee in order to partner with us. If you are a broker looking to preview or submit a transaction with us, we will be happy to help you. When you choose to work with us as a broker or referral, you’ll be forging a high-quality continuing relationship that also affords you the following benefits:

  • We provide upfront fee disclosure on commitment letters, prompt closing payments, and other protections for brokers and referrals
  • No matter the project size, we provide excellent referral fees and commissions for agreements that we fund
  • For clients who return to us, we provide reciprocal referrals back to you

Find Out How to Join Our Team

Now that you know why you should work with us, learn how by contacting a CSA Capital representative.